Flirt with what a blur day!

17 Jun

Today, was a lil’ unusual then before. I wasn’t sure if it was because the sun came up too early or that the train was actually on time. I felt more tired than usual despite having more than ample amount of sleep. I wore glasses to work.

It was a rather slow and uninteresting morning with no harassment from the clients.

*sms came in*

I received an essay length sms from ynnii on her adventure with the flood. Out of nowhere, wild storms strike upon my office building and our ceiling lights flickered simultaneously with every lash from the wind. The storm was so bad that someone actually got killed.

Seems like the storm somewhat affected the balance of the environment and my slow morning doesn’t seem so slow anymore.

My series of blur-ness

1) thought that I successfully created an automated network page by myself and proudly sent an e-mail to the whole company informing them the new available page only to find out that I screwed up somewhere in step 4 or 5. Result to not able to have my ‘manhattan chic’ lunch with miss vanity and dudes. More like, I didn’t even have lunch

2) accidentally closed the excel sheet instead of the word document resulting to my 7 hours of work somewhat gone.I did not Ctrl + S

3) missed my stop on the tram because my head was somewhere in between ‘what to cook for dinner’ and ‘should I do my laundry tonight’

but the worst of all…. was this!!!

I actually left my house keys at my door this morning. Thank god someone was opening the main door when I got there. I won’t want to pay another $250 again for calling the locksmith.

I think I need a drink!

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