Flirt with a stranger on the train

18 Jun

I did not literally flirt with a stranger but did chat with one. As usual, I missed my train by a split second and was sitting at the bench for the dreadful 15 mins wait. I was too engrossed in my iphone game that I didn’t realize a dog came sniffing around my leg. Her name was Kleo  – like Cleopatra but with a ‘K’, says the owner. And his, was Justin, which was revealed much later during the conversation.

Justin: You’re aren’t afraid of dogs? are you

Me: Nopes!! *starts patting and ‘molesting’ her body*

Kleo reminded me of Henrietta aka ‘Henry’, which is Steph and Craig’s dog. I babysat her once when Steph went for her Alicia Keys’ concert, and O.M.G is she one strong bitch. Good thing Pinky lionel was there to help.

I even tried to drag her while she was pooping in the park because a raccoon suddenly showed up and if you watch Family Guy, you’ll know what raccoons can do.

Justin: Hey Kleo.. you want some meat?

*digs his backpack for a bag of meat*

It’s like those corned beef that you get over the meat counter by weight.

Being a typical girly girl, I started aww-ing and saying words of praise on what an obedient dog Kleo was. (if only Coco could have some of that -__-)

Justin: *sniffs* Oh my Kleo, looks like I’ve to brush your teeth tonight…. you kinda smell like…. alcohol

Me: oh….em..that would be me *SHY!!!!*

It’s friday! and I had my first ‘drinkin’ in the office on a friday’ experience. You know you’re in the right working place when everyone drinks your favourite beer 😀

*Train finally arrives*

Justin: Well, it was nice meeting Kleo, say bye to this lovely girl

I hop on the train, looking for the seat with the pile of mX to see what nonsensical news thats in store for today.

30 seconds later…

Justin: We’ve decided to join you

and thats when he finally introduced himself…


His car broke down and have to take the train. The car was actually from hire and he got it because he need to travel somewhere for his exams. Studies in VU


His family are or used to be the largest shoes manufacturer for Myer. He himself owns 12-15 pairs and grew up with shoes. Did not mentioned any brand names.

His dad and uncle are  one of the top 10 marketers in Aussie. They started 13 magazines (he mentioned that they did it in their 30s and now they are in their 60s making that 30 years ago?), and 11 of those magazines still exist. Mentioned BRW and Chamber Commerce as one of them.

Lives in South Yarra and have another big (yes, he mentioned this word) house in Prahran

Situation Analysis

Took a break from working and decided to go back studying. He had worked as a stone mason, own night clubs, advertising, IT and medical receptionist. During his high school days, he scored ‘###’ for maths and science, making him one of the smartest kid in Aus. At 16, he was a marketing pioneer.

He started Australia’s first dance party called ‘Earth Call’ sometime during 1994-1996. His night club business with one of his friend had a return on investment of $20 million each. That friend was a Thai Prince named ‘something something sing’ but died in the 90s.

Being a Prince, he only learned how to boil an egg when he was 21. Justin mentioned that his family is in the royal line as well with 3 generations of royalty but his family chose not to show it. Plus, he wants to be independent and not wait till he’s 21 to only know how to boil an egg.

Current Progress

He’s under a medication that sounded like ‘Clamax’, which is to stop smoking. Side effects: memory loss. He mentioned that the medication had affected his study as he used to score 98-100 marks but is only able to achieve 94 now.

I enquired about the treatment and he explained that the medication helps you stop smoking by closing up the 4 brain receptors and will cause head pains if you smoke half a stick. It sounds like the Clockwork Orange and he reacted in a ‘No No, I’m not insane.’

Clockwork Orange is a film by Stanley Kubrick. The film shows the use of the Ludovico technique, which is a form of aversion therapy. The violent patient will be given a drug that induces extreme nausea while being strapped into a seat, forced to watch graphically violent films for two weeks. By the end of the treatment, the patient will experience nausea every time he conduct or encounter violence.”

He planned to continue this medication for the next 2 weeks but in smaller doses. He will use the razor knife to cut it into half.

He also showed me his chipped front tooth and is currently waiting for a family friend to come back to fix it for him because its cheaper.


Believes that one can either be a rich guy poor guy, or a poor guy rich guy. He chose the latter.


He found a sapphire the other day and it got offered USD150k. I enquired about how he found it and he say ‘I just dreamt about it. I’m good with this kinda stuff.’ He also has a collection of rubies and opals.

He mentioned that his grandfather also has such talent and left 3 huge (he repeatedly demonstrate the size) emeralds.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t find the emeralds because his grandfather hid them.


Figure 1. An impression on how Justin looks like

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