Flirt with a lil’ piece of heaven

20 Jun

“It’s indulgent, sweet, cold, rich, and there’s a lot of variety. It’s refreshing. But I think mainly we like it because it’s a relatively inexpensive way to pamper ourselves.”

Bob Roberts

My dose of pampering for the weekend..Laurent’s ‘Le Canotier’..

Indulge in Le Canotier's Gianduja chocolate mousse, feuilletine, flourless almond sponge & joconde sponge

Check out the packaging, they charge 50 cents more for take outs -__-

1st column : Monte Carlo, Bora Bora, Rubis, Folie 2nd Column : Bahia, Pecan Tart, Trio, Christine

Laurent's Dacquoise cake for my Surprise B'day .. and I thought it was some psycho killer banging my aptm door then, trying to kill me for playin' the cello

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