Flirt with the Art of Wing Chun

22 Mar

Right Hand

Left Hand

Pretty isn’t it?

Got this during Wing Chun training, it’s not as painful as it looks and the training is not as brutal as it seems. I got the bruise because I was attacking my partner and she had to block my attacks with a bong sao. This shows what your opponent will get if they try to attack you and all you got to do is just one simple move. Such a fascinating art.

Why kung fu?

When one thinks of kung fu, the vision of some young lone ranger fighting with a long white  bearded man that looks like pai mei giving out an evil laugh

or the infamous Wong Fei Hung, which all of us will get all excited whenever we hear the Theme Song..

or even this lady here haha

Well, I’ve always been fascinated about kung fu and for those who knows me, will have heard me utter a million times that I want to pick up wing chun.

My grandpa is a huge fan of action movies, and I’ve spent most of my childhood days at their place watching many wong fei hung, jackie chan movies, rocky etc. It never fails to crack me up whenever I see him get so immersed with the movie, doing air round punches as if he was the one kicking the enemies’ asses. Whenever someone asked me, ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ The answer is usually something along the lines of musician, entrepreneur, and so on..but really deep down.. i want to be a SUPER HERO!

so reason behind it all.. is that, I really want to be like my childhood hero


I always dreamt of being able to do the Hyakuretsu Kyaku (Hundred Tearing Kicks) and her Spinning Bird Kick ( I used to call it the helicopter kick)

Spinning Bird Kick

Hyakuretsu Kyaku (hundred tearing kicks)

Jackie Chan as Chun Li ( so wrong!)

and also my other hero. SOI FON!!

The closest I could get to being Soi Fon was during cosplay. This is my first time attending a cosplay convention and making my own weapon – Suzumebachi. Guess it’s pretty obvious both my idols are from kung fu background.

Don’t mess with my suzumebachi

My suzumebachi…made from craft foam hehe..

My interest towards wing chun heightened after the infamous Ip Man movie starring Donnie Yen. I guess most people have the misconception that kung fu is mainly for males and that the art is slowly fading away if you compare to other martial arts like karate, taekwando, etc. due to its tradition of being  very secretive about passing the art to the next generation. Often, only selected ones are chosen to be taught the traditional art form.

The movie definitely got me hyped up and I went on to research more on this art. When I found out that the wing chun martial art was created by a female, it got me even more excited. The only thing that’s holding me back from going for it is that I always have this feeling that martial art is aggressive and I’ll probably won’t be too comfortable having physical contact with 20 tough guys ready to kick my ass. (i’m a very petite creature and I still want to have a pretty face). So knowing that this art was created by a female and it’s for those with a smaller build had got me even more intrigued.

So here I am, enrolled in a Wing Chun’s Academy.

I did hesitate for awhile when I reached the place, was about to turn around when I was at the door, staring at a bunch of students doing their training. Took me a couple of  mins to finally get my courage up to go in and ask for a trial lesson. Glad I didn’t chicken out.

I know I won’t be able to do any hyakuretsu kyaku or kicking some hollows’ ass but it definitely made me feel like I’m one step closer to realizing my unrealizable dream.

One Response to “Flirt with the Art of Wing Chun”

  1. Robert Vahovick May 23, 2013 at 2:33 am #

    Every day you are a step closer. Do not give up. There are only a precious few women with enough tenacity and audacity to continue this art to it’s inevitable blossoming, and that is a terrible shame. It is women, that best employ this art, capture it’s beauty, efficiency, and really make it shine.

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