Flirt with Nuclear Boy Japan

1 Apr


A cute way of explaining Japan’s current situation.

I’m so devastated with what has happened and was looking forward to my 2 months trip to Japan this coming august. Air ticket bought, itinerary almost complete, currently taking Japanese lessons… sigh Looks like I do not have much fate with Japan, this is the second time I’ve to cancel my Japan self exploration trip.

One of the biggest event that I’m looking forward to is the Earth Festival that happens every year at Sado Island. It’s a 3 day taiko festival, and being a taiko drummer myself, it’s one event that I do not want to miss out.

15th Anniversary Wadaiko Rindo with 117 performers

Great work on the fundraising concert for Japan. Wadaiko Rindo managed to collect a total of $9615.05 in  a short period of time. Dontaions was given to the Consulate General of Japan (Japanese Red Cross Association)

Donations from fundraising concert – $9615.05

My Taiko sensei - Toshi Sakamoto and his wife Junko


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