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Flirt with Fettucine with Salmon Avocado

19 Aug

Today, is one of those days where I feel like doing something I haven’t done in a long while, Blog.. and Cook

There’s so many good food around me that I just can’t make up my mind what to have that I decided to settle for ala homecook instead.

Presenting Pumpkin Poppyseeds Fettucine with Salmon, Avocado and Cauliflower.
I’m pretty bad at following recipe instructions, kinda did this dish according to my instincts (and favourite ingredients).

Fettucine with Salmon Avocado and Cauliflower. Ready to be nomzzz

Fettucine with Salmon Avocado and Cauliflower. Ready to be nomzzz

I cooked it dry, just with lots of garlic and olive oil – aglio olio style. Think it’ll go well with creamy sauce too.

Fresh pumpkin and poppyseeds fettucine

Fresh pumpkin and poppyseeds fettucine

I’ve recently discovered fresh pasta (what took me so long *smacks forehead), it’s so much tastier and shorter cooking time haha.. I don’t think I can ever go back to idunnowhatyoucalledthosepasta but, you know, the San Remo type etc. The fresh pasta I got for this dish is from Victoria Market.

Looks about done..

Looks about done..

If i’m gonna cook this dish again, I’ll probably add in some mushrooms and capers / olives. Kinda need a pinch of sourish zang to it.
I would say..
Prep time: 10mins  // Cooking time: 15mins

Flirt with Little Creatures

20 Jul

At 7 degrees and light showers, we passed by a glass door with a man on the other side making hot dogs…

It’s a crime to walk away

The hotdog man

Welcome to the Little Creatures Dining Hall

Little Creatures brand logo

Pork sausage hotdog and Little Creature Bright Ale

Great food, Great beer.. what took me so long to finally go there.

The hotdog comes in two choices, pork or lamb. Never knew there’s such a thing as lamb sausage :\

Written somewhere at the side of the stairs, it says that you can take those red bikes for a ride.

Bar counter with all the lil descriptions of their beer

Can’t really see from the picture but there’s small lil hanging chalkboards with descriptions of the beer. I usually go for pale ale but saw the bright ale’s description as ‘fruity, citrus and sunshine’. So need that under a gloomy weather!

Little Creatures beer range:

Pale Ale

Brewed with Chinook and Cascade hop flowers all the way from Washington and Oregon, US and local ones form Tasmania. Creating an intense citrus and grapefruit aroma.


Brewed with Tasmanian Hallertau, New Zealand Pacifica and Saaz hops.  Giving a light flavour and crisp Bitterness.


Brewed with the best whole hop flowers and toasted malts. Gives a combination of light, citrus with roasted hazelnut, toffee and caramel malt flavours..

Bright Ale

Brewed with summer fruit aromas of luscious pineapple, passionfruit and melon with a generous addition in the brew house of whole US Cascade and NZ Motueka hop flowers. The happy little beer.

Beer angels

Flirt with Hwaro Korean BBQ~

23 Jun

Right side of the table - Side dishes

The BBQ PIT - Looks like Adelelau wana steal da mushroomssss

Left side of the table - Seafood pancake and Kimchi soup (our mushroom's burned)

Hwaro reviews were right, GOOD FOOD, SMOKY, SMALL PORTIONS (for the bbq meat), PACKED ON WEEK DAYS, and LOTSA KOREANS…… 😀

Me and Adelelau were probably the biggest eaters (over ordered for 2 person…as usual)  and healthiest (we had tea when everyone else ordered jugs of beer)

Flirt with a lil’ piece of heaven

20 Jun

“It’s indulgent, sweet, cold, rich, and there’s a lot of variety. It’s refreshing. But I think mainly we like it because it’s a relatively inexpensive way to pamper ourselves.”

Bob Roberts

My dose of pampering for the weekend..Laurent’s ‘Le Canotier’..

Indulge in Le Canotier's Gianduja chocolate mousse, feuilletine, flourless almond sponge & joconde sponge

Check out the packaging, they charge 50 cents more for take outs -__-

1st column : Monte Carlo, Bora Bora, Rubis, Folie 2nd Column : Bahia, Pecan Tart, Trio, Christine

Laurent's Dacquoise cake for my Surprise B'day .. and I thought it was some psycho killer banging my aptm door then, trying to kill me for playin' the cello

Flirt with Sushi Masa after a hot workout

16 Jun

We are 2 hungry monchichis  looking to stuff ourselves with some good food after a hot jammin’ session, and this is what we got

  • Futomaki Roll
  • Spicy Tuna Roll
  • ‘Compressed’ Una-Don shaped into sushi
  • Sashimi

and to top it off.. some Umeshu for the ultimate relaxation… mmMMMMMmmm

Flirt with what I overheard during dinner

15 Jun

A china man ordered a Tsing tao but the waiter heard it as Cincau. Luckily, he was smart enough to say ‘Grass Jelly?’ and the china man goes ‘TSING tao’. Was just imagining how the china man’s reaction would be if he got a drink full of this

instead of this

Flirt with Sex and the City II

14 Jun

Because I couldn’t find a runway picture of the grey and blue lady dragon shoes, I’ve decided to put ME! Glad I picked this colour coz it’s so easy to match, tho I stil have my eyes on the peach and black heart pair >.<.

Jacket: Topshop, Top: Staple, Belt: Kate Sylvester, Skirt: Karen Millen, Shoes: Viv Westwood, Acc: Alannah Hill

These shoes are amazingly soft but its height got me tired around the knees. It’s one of those pairs where I’ll need the full green man when crossing the road.

The difference between a Chinese and  Japanese restaurant is that the Japs do take their holidays seriously. Both of our usual Jap places, Shoya and Kenzan, weren’t open because of the Queen E’s birthday so we decided to settle for an alfresco lunch at Ca De Vin.

Crab cakes with citrus salad and aioli

Salt and pepper calamari

Rainbow Trout with wintered vegies

Vintage lookin' Schweppes Lemonade

After a rather slow and ‘oily’ lunch (everythin’ seems to be soaked with oil), we girls took the scenic route passing by Miu Miu, Chloe, Marc Jacobs.. to catch our prolonged movie date!! SEX AND THE CITY 2.

The highlight of this movie is FASHION and Patricia Field never failed to impress me with her work in SATC. I usually dig Carrie’s style but this time around I’m fascinated with all the character’s styles.

The rather quirky Patricia Field

Thought the dark queen lace headpiece that Carrie wore was kinda random but I LOVE IT…and it can be made to order for $400!! There are also other outfits, not the same but similar ones from the movie, available in the Patricia Field online store. All illustrations are done by Aaron Potts. He creates greeting cards with world of high fashion runways and exclusive design ateliers..very chic!

Worn by Carrie

Worn by Samantha

Worn by Charlotte

Angel dress

Witty and Sassy, here are some of the quotes from the movie

Miranda: “You brought a dog to a wedding?”
Samantha: “Well it’s a gay wedding, what’s one more little b*tch?”

Samantha [on the phone with Smith]: “Honey, I have to go I am pulling up my panties to get to a lunch date”

Charlotte: “So your going to the premiere with Smith as friends?”
Samantha: “Yes, but I may throw him a f*ck if I like the movie.”

Samantha: Lawrence of my Labia”

Carrie: “You have to take the tradition, and decorate it your way”


Checkin' out the Jewel Suite

This is what you wear to a market

I love Carrie's dress and turban

Enjoyin' champagnes at the desert

Hard-ass Samantha in her younger days

Take a peek into Carrie’s closet

Carrie's closet