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Flirt with a stranger on the train 2

24 Jun

It’s nothing like the first one this time around. As I grew older, I realize I become more paranoid. I guess its understandable now why aunties makcik nenek always tend to hug their bags or their possession close to them whenever they are out, and freak when some stranger merely glide pass and unknowingly be in contact with them.

I left work early today. My carriage was almost empty, it was just me and this other chick. As I was about to isolate myself from the surroundings and into my Puzzle Quest world, that chick came right at me and

“Hey.. could I borrow your phone to call my mom to let her know where I am. I lost my phone 3 days ago”

*Gasp!!* Wasn’t trying to be judgmental but dodgy thoughts came waving into my mind.

1) She looks dodgy

2) She’s got scratches and stuff on her hands (constantly get into fights?)

3) What if she runs outta train with my phone when we reach the next station

But then I thought, hmm maybe it’s not such a bad idea if she stole my phone. Then I can make a report and file for a claim (my phone’s insured). But then I thought again, I really want my sim card though. It’ll be such a bitch to have to get another one.

All these self conflict thoughts happened in seconds and I then hand over my phone to her.

“Oh.that’s a nice bag you got there”

(Stresss… that’s what they usually do. They try to be friendly with you and get you distracted and then RUN)

She had the phone on her ear for quite awhile and mentioned that she couldn’t get through.

“What’s the next stop?”

(This is getting way to dodgy, she must be pretending not being able to get the line while waiting for her stop and then RUN)

So I decided to check if she was really making a call by saying that the phone line’s been acting weird lately and I took the phone from her just to check the network. Yups, she did make the call.  *phew*

“Maybe I should try texting”

Her texting lasted for 5 stations!! and I’m beginning to feel more and more uncalm by this.

“This is actuallly quite a cool phone.. I like it.. maybe I should get one too”

(AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH..she’s so gonnna make a run for it)

“Oh msg sent through.. ok thanks!” passes phone back to me.


I couldn’t help but check what she sent..hehehe

So much for having to call her mom… ‘my boy’