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Flirt with Accessoire de Mode

20 Jun

Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti open toe ankle boots

Sunglasses: Chloe black trim sunglasses

Bracelet: Tom Binns for Disney Couture – Alice themed multi chain bracelet

Ring: Aurelie Bidermann Gold Plated and Patina gold ring

Bag: Villador Large bow shoulder bag

Perfume: Chloe eau de parfum

The illustration is inspired by Freja Beha’s look by Patrick Dermarchelier for ‘Urban Renewal’ in Vogue UK. Love her edgy looks. She’s probably the only runway model out there that’s got 16 tattoos on her body.

For Interview mag 'Tough Ballerina' with photographer Craig McDean. Wearing Alexander Wang, Roberto Cavalli and Ann Demeulemeester.

Flirt with my Domo lookin’ heels

20 Jun

Top: ing. of Causeway Bay Mall

Leggings: Graniph Online

Bracelet: MARNI

Heels: MARNI

Ropes: Sportsgirl

Absolutely love these ‘double monster face’ heels, got it half price from Japan 😀

When I first saw it, kinda reminds me of Domo Monster (^o^)

I bump into Domo-kun at Hakone while he was doing a commercial shoot. Was quite random especially when its at a quaint town and out of nowhere there’s this big brown thing. Shooo cute!!

A very excited Domo-kun

Flirt with Japanese Robin Hood

20 Jun

After 50 gb of downloads, I finally got around to watch ‘Goemon‘. 5 seconds into it and I knew it was my kind of movie 🙂

Like Robin Hood, Ishikawa Goemon was a legendary bandit hero who stole gold and valuables and gave them to the poor.

Goemon used to be a Shinobi that was trained by another legendary hero,  Hattori Hanzo. Sounds familiar?

i can tell you with no ego, this is my finest sword. If on your journey, you should encounter God, God will be cut.

Hattori Hanzo made an appearance in Tarantino’s Kill Bill 2 as a sword maker who has retired to be a sushi chef. Despite taking an oath to never make another sword, The Bride managed to convince him into making another for her to kill Bill.

According to the ‘legend’, Goemon was known for being boiled alive after a failed attempt on murdering the warlord Hideyoshi. However, the movie shows that Saizo (another Shinobi and Goemon’s friend) pretended to be Goemon and died in his place.

The "Goemon-buro" ("Goemon bath")

"Lookin' a lil pale there, pal"

Jun Kaname as Mitsunari.. oh so evil and hawttttt >.<

What’s interesting about Goemon movie is that it’s based on feudal period of Nobunaga and Hideyoshi with a touch of modernistic bit with its random dancing.

Random dancers entertaining Goemon

Similar to A Knight's Tale?

Some line dancing

Like Kung Fu Hustle's random axe-holding line dance

or maybe some Beyonce's break-it-down moves!!

Another interesting and very important bit about it is the amazing COSTUMES! The costumer designer is Australia’s very own Tina Kalivas and was nominated for Best Costume Designer at the Asian Film Awards.

Origami-ish.. Love it!!!

Tina Kalivas' sketch

Veil for her wedding gown

Tina Kalivas herself

A peak into Tina Kaliva's S/S collection this September

Collection inspired by the culture and beliefs of the Native Americans

Also known as the Totem Collection

Tina Kaliva's Neoplasticism-inspired collection

No wonder they got her to do Goemon, its so Yohji!

Patchwork floaty halter neck dress

The black halter neck dress is currently on sale (60% off!!) at Beloved … Think I’m might get it 😛

Flirt with girls must cover up

15 Jun

I love free reads.. And also those fellas who decided to leave their mX at the train station so that other people who somehow always missed their train by a split second could kill their 15 minutes of dreadful wait in the cold and entertain themselves just so they have something else to look at besides the time screen.

Interesting article on a skirt ban in the UK, stating that girls aged up to 16 have to wear trousers instead.

“Very young children, and even more disturbingly, special needs children, are clearly wholly unaware of the signals they are giving out” – ST Aidan’s CE High School

Maybe the ‘nun’ from St Aidan’s should meet the ‘ustaz’ from one of the Kebangsaan schools in Malaysia to get some ideas >.< Before the whole world starts to implement this sort of therapeutic governing, I thought of checking out school uniforms from other parts of the world. Stole this pic from Carmen :p

Uniform in Malaysia, of course we don't wear bunny ears to school.. that's just one psycho bitchy chick over there

Australia high school uniform

Qipao has been a staple in Hong Kong's uniform design. They have different uniforms for different seasons. This kinda reminds of Chun Li

The very popular Seifuku

Agatha Anene poses her her pink Queen of Rosary secondary school uniform in the small village of Eziowelle, Nigeria

Daeson Middle School girls.. Tried looking for the SNSD type :p

Uk uniform.. aww the skirt's not that short

There was a proposed idea on a GPS uniform by a school uniform company in UK stating that by adding satellite tracking devices to its clothing, parents will know where their children are. THAT WOULD SO NOT WORK -___-

Go Go Yubari

I wish I could dressed up as GoGo Yubari during my school day and swing that meteor hammer *swoosh swoooooosh*

or even the mix and matches from Gossip Girl *swooons*

But what I really want is…. VAMPIRE KNIGHT’S UNIFORM.. AAAAAHHH

Flirt with Sex and the City II

14 Jun

Because I couldn’t find a runway picture of the grey and blue lady dragon shoes, I’ve decided to put ME! Glad I picked this colour coz it’s so easy to match, tho I stil have my eyes on the peach and black heart pair >.<.

Jacket: Topshop, Top: Staple, Belt: Kate Sylvester, Skirt: Karen Millen, Shoes: Viv Westwood, Acc: Alannah Hill

These shoes are amazingly soft but its height got me tired around the knees. It’s one of those pairs where I’ll need the full green man when crossing the road.

The difference between a Chinese and  Japanese restaurant is that the Japs do take their holidays seriously. Both of our usual Jap places, Shoya and Kenzan, weren’t open because of the Queen E’s birthday so we decided to settle for an alfresco lunch at Ca De Vin.

Crab cakes with citrus salad and aioli

Salt and pepper calamari

Rainbow Trout with wintered vegies

Vintage lookin' Schweppes Lemonade

After a rather slow and ‘oily’ lunch (everythin’ seems to be soaked with oil), we girls took the scenic route passing by Miu Miu, Chloe, Marc Jacobs.. to catch our prolonged movie date!! SEX AND THE CITY 2.

The highlight of this movie is FASHION and Patricia Field never failed to impress me with her work in SATC. I usually dig Carrie’s style but this time around I’m fascinated with all the character’s styles.

The rather quirky Patricia Field

Thought the dark queen lace headpiece that Carrie wore was kinda random but I LOVE IT…and it can be made to order for $400!! There are also other outfits, not the same but similar ones from the movie, available in the Patricia Field online store. All illustrations are done by Aaron Potts. He creates greeting cards with world of high fashion runways and exclusive design ateliers..very chic!

Worn by Carrie

Worn by Samantha

Worn by Charlotte

Angel dress

Witty and Sassy, here are some of the quotes from the movie

Miranda: “You brought a dog to a wedding?”
Samantha: “Well it’s a gay wedding, what’s one more little b*tch?”

Samantha [on the phone with Smith]: “Honey, I have to go I am pulling up my panties to get to a lunch date”

Charlotte: “So your going to the premiere with Smith as friends?”
Samantha: “Yes, but I may throw him a f*ck if I like the movie.”

Samantha: Lawrence of my Labia”

Carrie: “You have to take the tradition, and decorate it your way”


Checkin' out the Jewel Suite

This is what you wear to a market

I love Carrie's dress and turban

Enjoyin' champagnes at the desert

Hard-ass Samantha in her younger days

Take a peek into Carrie’s closet

Carrie's closet

Flirt with Vivienne Westwood Grey Lady Dragon Heart Slingback

13 Jun

If someone asked ‘Is brushing your teeth the first thing you do in the morning?’, I would have to shamefully say No. I can’t help it but pressing Command + T (for all you Mac users, you’ll know what I’m talking about) three times is the first thing I do just right after I get my ass outta bed. Facebook, Twitter and Gmail are enough to distract me from the importance of dealing with daily hygiene first and even bladder relieved. Being a sucker for shoes, I’ve decided to splurge my first Aussie paycheck on what else.. SHOES! It was that thought that somehow trigger Facebook into showing me the Christian Louboutin Sales!

Christian Louboutin Satin Anemone

I’m pretty sure they aren’t knockoffs, probably old stock coz I remember seeing the SATIN ANEMONE PUMPS like 2-3 years ago? Would so get that pair if it wasn’t freaking 5 inches! The other pair that I oogle’d over was

Christian Louboutin Leopard Bootie

the Leopard Bootie. I like how it has the fold over cuff with the side way cut and that signature tease of red at the soles. It was selling for $ 985.00 $ 188.90 (81%off) !!! and just the other day I paid $110 for a Nine West! It’s only worth it to buy Nine West in Australia if you’re their staff.. right Eileen? Though its hot and so god damn cheap for a pair of Louboutin, I still have a doubtful feeling. I felt a strong calling from somewhere at the other end of the city.. a pair out there that’s waiting for my feet to fill in.

And there…right at 314 Little Collins St…Royal Arcade…. 2nd Floor…..at a shop called ‘SOMEWHERE‘  (see.. I was right about that calling from ‘somewhere’ :p)   It wasn’t new to my eyes, in fact the first time I laid my eyes on it, I thought it was pretty fugly. The longer I looked at it, I began to fantasize myself wearing it with all the clothes that I could pair with. And that’s when I decided to ask for a size 6…. in grey. Say hello to my Vivienne Westwood Grey Lady Dragon Heart Slingback..oh my love…

Lady Dragon Grey

Lady Dragon heart collection

When I opened the box, it has a familiar smell to it. It reminds me of Barbie, that rubbery plastic-y smell. Thought it’s a lil’ high for me, the material is so soft and comfy. Can’t wait to flaunt it to the girls tomorrow during our Sex and the City 2 session!!