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Flirt with girls must cover up

15 Jun

I love free reads.. And also those fellas who decided to leave their mX at the train station so that other people who somehow always missed their train by a split second could kill their 15 minutes of dreadful wait in the cold and entertain themselves just so they have something else to look at besides the time screen.

Interesting article on a skirt ban in the UK, stating that girls aged up to 16 have to wear trousers instead.

“Very young children, and even more disturbingly, special needs children, are clearly wholly unaware of the signals they are giving out” – ST Aidan’s CE High School

Maybe the ‘nun’ from St Aidan’s should meet the ‘ustaz’ from one of the Kebangsaan schools in Malaysia to get some ideas >.< Before the whole world starts to implement this sort of therapeutic governing, I thought of checking out school uniforms from other parts of the world. Stole this pic from Carmen :p

Uniform in Malaysia, of course we don't wear bunny ears to school.. that's just one psycho bitchy chick over there

Australia high school uniform

Qipao has been a staple in Hong Kong's uniform design. They have different uniforms for different seasons. This kinda reminds of Chun Li

The very popular Seifuku

Agatha Anene poses her her pink Queen of Rosary secondary school uniform in the small village of Eziowelle, Nigeria

Daeson Middle School girls.. Tried looking for the SNSD type :p

Uk uniform.. aww the skirt's not that short

There was a proposed idea on a GPS uniform by a school uniform company in UK stating that by adding satellite tracking devices to its clothing, parents will know where their children are. THAT WOULD SO NOT WORK -___-

Go Go Yubari

I wish I could dressed up asĀ GoGo Yubari during my school day and swing that meteor hammer *swoosh swoooooosh*

or even the mix and matches from Gossip Girl *swooons*

But what I really want is…. VAMPIRE KNIGHT’S UNIFORM.. AAAAAHHH