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Flirt with Hollywood Costumes and the Great Gatsby

20 Aug

I love ACMI – they always exhibit such interesting exhibitions such as Tim Burton, Game Masters and now the Hollywood Costumes.

Hollywood Costume @ Acmi

Hollywood Costume @ Acmi

Too bad photography weren’t allowed inside the exhibition as there were a lot of interesting costumes.  BUT they did have a set of Great Gatsby costumes on public display.

The purple tea time dress worn by Carey Mulligan is by far the dress that gave the strongest impression during the movie.

Daisy finally reunited with her old flame - Gatsby

Daisy finally reunited with her old flame , Gatsby

Costumes from the Great Gatsby

Costumes from the Great Gatsby

A close up on the dress details. Strips of fabric were cut, rolled up an sewn to resemble bluebells.

A close up on the dress details. Strips of fabric were cut, rolled up an sewn to resemble bluebells.

Though the main attraction is the costumes, but the point of this exhibition is to explain the role of a costume designer. There were snippets of comments from actors/actresses, directors, designers themselves, its interesting to know how those costumes came about. Their inspiration, their decisions, stories behind every piece..

Dress worn by Satine from Moulin Rouge (photo from abc.net.au)

Pink Diamond Dress worn by Nicole Kidman from Moulin Rouge (photo from abc.net.au)

The comment from Nicole Kidman on the Pink Diamond dress (designed by Catherine Martin / Angus Strathie)  was that they had to spent about 4 hours on the makeup, hair and putting (sewing some part of) this dress on. Wasn’t exactly the dress you want to be in while doing high kicks.

(photo from Prestige French Riviera)

A display of Costumes (photo from Prestige French Riviera)

The purple dress in the centre (designed by Irene Sharaff)  was worn by Barbara Streisand from Funny Girl and the infamous Givenchy Black Dress on the left was worn by Audrey Hepburn for Breakfast At Tiffany’s.

The silk green dress (designed by Jacqueline Durran) on the bottom left was worn by Keira Knightley in Atonement during the eventful dinner scene. The costume has to portray a slippery feel, like she was moving underwater, for the scene.  A 100 yards of white silk were dyed and tested to create different shades of green. I’m rather biased, I can only remember the stories behind those costumes of movies that I’ve watched :p

Closer look at the Givenchy Black Dress

Closer look at the Givenchy Black Dress

Peacock Dress (photo from HolyMoly)

Peacock Dress (photo from HolyMoly)

Can’t remember where this Peacock dress is from but I remember the costume designer mentioned that a friend came on to the set and said he’s got a peacock farm. And the next thing, she start picking up real peacock feathers for the dress.

Brokeback Mountain Costumes (photo from HolyMoly)

Brokeback Mountain Costumes designed by Marit Allen (photo from HolyMoly)

In costume designing, heaps of research are involved and not just the surface bit like ‘ya, we’ll dress them cowboys in jeans’. There are details such as rodeo riders tend to prefer tight-fitting Wranglers and those in the ranch would prefer loose Levi’s. In Brokeback Moutain, Heath Leadger plays the role of a ranch hand and Jake  Gyllenhaal as a rodeo rider.

Superman (Photo by HolyMoly)

Superman (Photo by HolyMoly)

Probably one of the most talked about costumes in history and yay we ain’t seeing anymore of it on the silver screen. They had to test 20 prototypes of Lycra to get the right fabric weight so its cape could fly.

Costume worn by Natalie Portman in Closer (Photo by T-shirt and tails)

Costume worn by Natalie Portman in Closer (Photo by T-shirt and tails)

The costume does not begin when the Director shouts ‘Action’, it needs to have an existing history behind it.

Ann Roth, the costume designer for Closer mentioned that her inspiration came about when she was at the airport, during transit. She saw a girl who was lying down on a stretch of a chairs and felt a connection with Natalie Portman’s character. She sketched out what the girl was wearing. The blue jacket was made to look like a pass me down, something that the character could have gotten at a shared hostel or from a previous housemate.

Cinderella Dress from Ever After designed by Jenny Beavan

Cinderella Dress (also known as the Breathe Gown) from Ever After designed by Jenny Beavan

This costume ain’t from the exhibition but it’s one of my favourite and most memorable one. Maybe coz I saw the movie when I was 12 and find it to be so dreamy. Used to think Drew Barrymore was the prettiest girl ever in that Cinderella dress and angel wings.


Flirt with eyegasm at the LMFF L’Oreal Fashion Festival 2011

19 Mar

There are many things that I’m passionate about but the one that tops my list will always be

I’ve been to  a couple of fashion shows in Melbourne but this is my first time attending show organized by L’oreal and its absolutely fabulous.


As you can see, this year’s look is return to Glamour – back to the 1950s chic look where women have poise and style. Often wears a look that will leave an impression  (the infamous bold and satiny red lips). It was the period where society has evolved, being more liberated and accepting towards females’ capabilities , hence the trend in menswear for females.

Here are some themes from the past years’ shows

I managed to catch  the L’oreal Paris Runway 2 presented by Vogue Australia featuring Arnsdorf, Bassike, Dress up, ELLERY, From Britten, Laurence Pasquier, Lui Hon and Song for the Mute (who received the LMFF Designer Award). I picked this show because of Lui Hon, from Project Runway Australia and him being a Malaysian too makes it a lot more interesting.

My favourites for the night were ELLERY for its simplicity but quirky and Lui Hon for its eccentricity and its play with the fabrics. Dress Up’s fabric colour match was quite interesting too.

ELLERY - one of my fav from the collection

DRESS UP - going for the vintage look


I did smack myself in the head for not bringing my camera and my iPhone is in a rather bad shape seeing that 3/4 of the screen is cracked. Didn’t get to take any good picture during the show and the one below obviously does not do any justice. Also, I’m pretty sure I saw a celebrity as there was this really gorgeous lady sitting right opposite me and Amanda – and we can’t keep our eyes off her. She looks so familiar and I told Amanda later that night that it could be Dannii Minogue. Not sure if she’s from Melbourne but she did mentioned LMFF briefly in one of her tweets.hmmm..

The perks about this event is the Powder Room (psst..I had to steal some pics from this missy). I’ts a lil room set up on the outside where people can have their hair, lips, nails or skin care done for FREE.. and get a snap shot after that.

I always thought short hair don’t really have much choice when it comes to hair styling but what the lady did was she took small chunks of my hair and pin them up.. 20 pins altogether. I might just try doing that myself one day.

Me and Amanda had our hair done just before the fashion show. She had the croissant bun style on her, very chic.

It looks pretty crazy with this angle

looks better from here 🙂

I’m not exactly a makeup person… I love make up but I’m just too lazy to do anything about it, and most of the time, I’m just not sure exactly what I’m suppose to do. Took me years to finally remember the order of application. I have to admit I am a late bloomer on beauty products, I only discover concealer at the age of 18 and didn’t know how to handle a eyelash curler until around 22 (a gay salesguy had to teach me how to use it and recommended Givenchy mascara saying that that’s the only mascara he will every use *blinks his eyes at me*)

When I saw the Marie Claire & Loreal paris Beauty workshop, I thought to myself, maybe I should check this one out , could learn some useful tips. The makeup guru for the workshop was the flamboyant Rae Morris, she is just amazingggggg!

Rae Morris : Makeup Guru

The looks that she has created were gorgeous and the most important bit, simple and easy to follow. She’s a great presenter and highly entertaining too. She is also the make up artist for the runway shows. For the workshop, she had prepared 3 looks and the top hit was the Statement Eyes Look!

Show off your statement eyes

The trick to do the statement eyes is DUCT TAPE and decided to give it a go. Hehe.. kinda works..



Here are some of Rae’s other works in editorial and advertising.


The next fashion event that I went to was the Fashion Industry Forum – E-tail Detail. I was hoping to get some great insights on e-commerce for fashion as I’ll be *crosses fingers* starting my own online boutique soon sometime in April/May if all goes well. The forum was alright, I guess it’ll be useful for those who do not have any advertising or marketing background. It just felt like I was in one of many advertising lectures.. talking about porters 5 forces *rolls eyes* And the girls from Asos weren’t exactly clear about their presentation. Nice presentation slides though.

E-tail at BMW Fed Square

So fashion show is DONE, makeup DONE, business DONE, there is only one thing left to do….



I tired my luck at the Fashion Weekend Designer Sale by Shop Til You Drop… and it just exactly what it says.. I shop till I drop and had to get a cab back coz I looked like a crazy shopaholic with 6 shopping bags. Let me present you my achievements:

My new 5 pairs of Melissa Shoes: Welcome to the family

Melissa Juggler Beige

Melissa Malika Blue

Melissa Liberty Gold

I know buying 5 pairs at a time is.. slightly more than usual BUT it’s dirt cheap. Damage: $340. Seriously, any Melissa Shoes fan should soooo check out this sale but its ending tomorow and you’ll need to get a $10 ticket to get in (it’s worth it). They have more designs, like the VW Wedge, Jean Paul Gaultier Stiletto, Ashanti,  VW Flip Flop, AH Troupe Gloss,  VW Lady Dragon Stamp, which I’m so SOO tempted to buy and it wasn’t really the money issue (since its so darn cheap), was more of the space issue. I’m running out of space trying to fit my 50 pairs of shoes in this tiny apartment.

A useful tip for those who have a pair of Melissa x Viv westwood shoes and has a problem with their studs often popping up when you walk (can be very annoying), you can bring your shoes to the Melissa Australia office and they’ll fix it for you. For those who can’t make it to the Fashion Weekend Sale, Melissa Australia is having their sale online from Monday onwards.

My Melissa Shoes Collection : Now my Lady Dragon is not so lonely anymore

Well of course shoes is just one part of the shopping…say hello to Maurice & Eve and House of Harlow

Maurice and Eve Sweater Dress (looks like a straitjacket :P)

What a steal!

Some House of Harlow treasure which were 50% off!

I go by the theory  “Work Hard Play Hard”..now that I’ve shop hard…

it’s time for me to work hard…….. T_T

My lil home office


Flirt with mid-season sale at Gorker Gallery

4 Jul

A Sunday well spent: mid-season sale at Gorker Gallery wtih items from Limedrop, Lenko, Trimapee, Who Am Eye and Thomas Finch. Brands that I won’t be able to afford/not worth buying at a full price 😀

The 3-day bender sale was held at a small space in a quiet alley, just off Smith Street.

I managed to grab some good buys: 1 Limedrop top, 2 Trimapee Leggings, 1 Thomas Finch t-shirt and 1 bag from Limedrop.

My buys from Gorker Gallery

T-shirt by Thomas Finch

Hotel Chelsea... so cheeky

Limedrop foil-ish bag, as sling/backpack

Limedrop open-sides top/dress

side view, open slits

Trimapee black and white leggings

Trimapee white leggings

Kinda obvious what’s my favourite clothing colour scheme

Flirt with Hwaro Korean BBQ~

23 Jun

Right side of the table - Side dishes

The BBQ PIT - Looks like Adelelau wana steal da mushroomssss

Left side of the table - Seafood pancake and Kimchi soup (our mushroom's burned)

Hwaro reviews were right, GOOD FOOD, SMOKY, SMALL PORTIONS (for the bbq meat), PACKED ON WEEK DAYS, and LOTSA KOREANS…… 😀

Me and Adelelau were probably the biggest eaters (over ordered for 2 person…as usual)  and healthiest (we had tea when everyone else ordered jugs of beer)

Flirt with what a blur day!

17 Jun

Today, was a lil’ unusual then before. I wasn’t sure if it was because the sun came up too early or that the train was actually on time. I felt more tired than usual despite having more than ample amount of sleep. I wore glasses to work.

It was a rather slow and uninteresting morning with no harassment from the clients.

*sms came in*

I received an essay length sms from ynnii on her adventure with the flood. Out of nowhere, wild storms strike upon my office building and our ceiling lights flickered simultaneously with every lash from the wind. The storm was so bad that someone actually got killed.

Seems like the storm somewhat affected the balance of the environment and my slow morning doesn’t seem so slow anymore.

My series of blur-ness

1) thought that I successfully created an automated network page by myself and proudly sent an e-mail to the whole company informing them the new available page only to find out that I screwed up somewhere in step 4 or 5. Result to not able to have my ‘manhattan chic’ lunch with miss vanity and dudes. More like, I didn’t even have lunch

2) accidentally closed the excel sheet instead of the word document resulting to my 7 hours of work somewhat gone.I did not Ctrl + S

3) missed my stop on the tram because my head was somewhere in between ‘what to cook for dinner’ and ‘should I do my laundry tonight’

but the worst of all…. was this!!!

I actually left my house keys at my door this morning. Thank god someone was opening the main door when I got there. I won’t want to pay another $250 again for calling the locksmith.

I think I need a drink!