Flirt with Vivienne Westwood Grey Lady Dragon Heart Slingback

13 Jun

If someone asked ‘Is brushing your teeth the first thing you do in the morning?’, I would have to shamefully say No. I can’t help it but pressing Command + T (for all you Mac users, you’ll know what I’m talking about) three times is the first thing I do just right after I get my ass outta bed. Facebook, Twitter and Gmail are enough to distract me from the importance of dealing with daily hygiene first and even bladder relieved. Being a sucker for shoes, I’ve decided to splurge my first Aussie paycheck on what else.. SHOES! It was that thought that somehow trigger Facebook into showing me the Christian Louboutin Sales!

Christian Louboutin Satin Anemone

I’m pretty sure they aren’t knockoffs, probably old stock coz I remember seeing the SATIN ANEMONE PUMPS like 2-3 years ago? Would so get that pair if it wasn’t freaking 5 inches! The other pair that I oogle’d over was

Christian Louboutin Leopard Bootie

the Leopard Bootie. I like how it has the fold over cuff with the side way cut and that signature tease of red at the soles. It was selling for $ 985.00 $ 188.90 (81%off) !!! and just the other day I paid $110 for a Nine West! It’s only worth it to buy Nine West in Australia if you’re their staff.. right Eileen? Though its hot and so god damn cheap for a pair of Louboutin, I still have a doubtful feeling. I felt a strong calling from somewhere at the other end of the city.. a pair out there that’s waiting for my feet to fill in.

And there…right at 314 Little Collins St…Royal Arcade…. 2nd Floor… a shop called ‘SOMEWHERE‘  (see.. I was right about that calling from ‘somewhere’ :p)   It wasn’t new to my eyes, in fact the first time I laid my eyes on it, I thought it was pretty fugly. The longer I looked at it, I began to fantasize myself wearing it with all the clothes that I could pair with. And that’s when I decided to ask for a size 6…. in grey. Say hello to my Vivienne Westwood Grey Lady Dragon Heart Slingback..oh my love…

Lady Dragon Grey

Lady Dragon heart collection

When I opened the box, it has a familiar smell to it. It reminds me of Barbie, that rubbery plastic-y smell. Thought it’s a lil’ high for me, the material is so soft and comfy. Can’t wait to flaunt it to the girls tomorrow during our Sex and the City 2 session!!

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