Flirt with CHIYO – a fashion label with a kook

9 Apr

Took me a year…with all the planning, decision making, traveling (this, I do not complain), meetings, talking, getting pissed, being pissed at, stressing, many face palm moments, lost in translation, losing weight, gaining weight, $$$ poured out, more $$$ poured out… , my baby is finally ALIVE!!


Womenswear // Shoes // Accessories //


// Design // Sui Generis // Contemporary // Kooky //

CHIYO brand personifies being ‘sui generis’ – of its own kind, by creating contemporary yet timeless pieces that can be worn anytime, anywhere. It is intended to produce clothing, shoes and accessory line that will fulfill those who yearn to be different.

CHIYO aims to captivate by creating bold clothes, unassumingly kooky shoes and expressive accessories that will undoubtedly have its wearer stand out from the rest. Asymmetry and geometry both serves as the core concept when creating each collection with various influences from Japan’s eccentric street style to Australia’s avant-garde architecture and colours.

Every piece of CHIYO has a certain personal touch to it from being handcrafted, hand-assembled to hand-printed, which adds to the unique aesthetic of CHIYO.


The newly launched website (took me 3 full days to build this, but yay.. I can start building e-commerce websites for others now)


A lot of effort has been put into creating this label , and I hope it’ll grow into something A-A-AWESOME




Shoes#1 Collection


This collection was on preview at the Shoe Festival..

Check ’em out.

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